Celebrating The Selby

When searching for outfit or interior decor inspiration, majority of us reach for our phones & start scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest-quickly falling into that rabbit hole of perfectly personalized, highly curated Aesthetic Inspo. However, as most will recall, the internet landscape use to look very different than our current & endless iphone feeds.

Four score* & seven years ago...Jk. Not even a decade ago-when social media was still in its infancy, relatively speaking, the ultimate source of fashion & home decor inspiration was the oh-so-coveted lifestyle & fashion blog. Finding one of these "finger-on-the-pulse" type bloggers felt like the pinnacle of trend setting intel, & you were agent zero.

Potentially embellished memories aside, social media has long since eclipsed even the most prolific bloggers of the 00's & early teens. One of the more tragic casualties being The Selbya beloved home & lifestyle blog created by photographer Todd Selby. Some of my fellow decades-long-blog-lovers (DLBL's?) might remember checking in weekly to see what eccentric or chic persons home was being featured. These home tours, along with creative drawing-based interviews, came to be The Selby's champion formula that went on to generate multiple best-selling coffee table books between 2010-2014. While The Selby is still alive & cool today, their posts have become far less frequent & further between- such abundance cannot last forever.

So in my nostalgic attempt to resurrect the vintage loving, blog obsessed, teen & twenty-something of years past, I have gathered just a few of my favorite home tours, new & old, featured on The Selby. 

Derrick & Jennifer Vaughn Miller- 

Designer & Interior Decorator at home in North Fork, Long Island, 2009.

rustic home the selbyderrick miller the selbyDerrick Miller Interior Designer

 Julie & Bruce Webb -

Collectors at home & in their shop Webb Gallery, both located in Waxahachie Texas, 2020.

Yuriko Takagi-

Photographer at her studio in Tokyo Japan, 2011.

Guy Blakeslee & Maximilla Lukacs-

Musician & Filmmaker at their home in Laurel Canyon, 2008.

  Sally Breer-

Interior Designer & co-owner of Etcetera at home w/ her fiancé, 2017.

sally breer home

I've always loved to write & archive memories, so I'm excited to make this blog more of a focus for MilkMade going forward! 
Until next time-



*I looked it up, & a "score" is an old measurement of time equivalent to 20 years.

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