C'est La Vie 2020

I'm just as eager as the next person to leave this trauma inducing, shit-storm of a year behind me & turn my face to the warm glow of 2021. But to be completely honest, entering this new year looks a lot more like peaking through parted fingers than it does gazing ahead with doe-eyed optimism. Important changes do not happen over night-a reality this year has forced us to come to terms with more than ever. Nevertheless, when I think about the potential a new year holds (begrudgingly, 2021 included) I cannot help but notice a little flush of hope brewing inside me. I know it can feel simple or naive to be optimistic in the face of darkness, but I hope-regardless of setback or tragedy-there are moments where you notice that little flush of hope too.

Heres To Trying Again,

xoxo -Michelle 

Photos found via Tumblr & Pinterest. Shoes worn in covor photo by Lisa Says Gah.

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