Artist Highlight No.01

The first in a new series:
Todays artist: Talia Mukmel

Middle eastern artist & third generation textile maker, Talia Mukmel, has amassed an impressive body of work since graduating w/ an industrial design degree in 2012. With collections that defy the traditional spheres of artist vs. designer, Talia’s work can be understood in her approach to modest, lesser explored mediums. Talia infuses her work with a sense of play around tradition & innovation, utilizing the tension of our rapidly changing relationship to craft & craftsmanship- a point of view likely informed by her upbringing & geography. Throughout her work, Talia has experimented with embroidery, metal casting, mold pouring & even a conventional house oven. She has utilizing materials ranging from leather & yarn to concrete & plastic flakes. 

However, it’s her 2011 collection Terracotta # 1that holds the most personally compelling works of art. These ethereal, yet terrestrial, vessels were made with varying amounts sand, flour, water, linen & heat- each piece striking the perfect balance between crudeness & sophistication, levity & grit-& I couldn't love them more!

 Take a look at more of Talia Mukmel’s work here.

If you've gotten this far, thank you so much for your time & interest-it means the world.

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