Johanna Ortiz Resort 2022

Is it just me, or is the backdrop of Johanna Ortiz’s 2022 Resort lookbook equally as dreamy as the collection itself? Without knowing for sure where the resort wear collection had been photographed- Florida immediately came to mind. A quick google search confirmed that Ortiz’s newest collection was 100% Miami bred & born. Everything about her work oozes “old Florida”, an aesthetic I have grown to love. Vogue’s runway director, Nicole Phelps wrote, “Miami was a popular spot for pandemic relocators; at one point the New York Post called south Florida the sixth borough…It’s (Miami) both the inspiration for and the backdrop of her new resort collection. These photos were taken in Little Havana and Little Haiti; she prefers their soft, sunbaked pastels to the fresh paint jobs of Miami Beach”. Ahh-“Sunbaked Pastels”-my new go-to when describing the color palette of my dreams. 

Ortiz resort

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