The More You Know: Penelope Tree

I'd consider myself fairly well versed in the iconography of the 1960s "It Girl", so when I recently saw photos of Penelope Tree, & not only failed to recognize her other-worldly psychedelic beauty, but her name too, it came as a small surprise. In case you are also living without this knowledge, let me go ahead & introduce to you the It Girl.
Penelope Tree made her "big debut" at one of Truman Capotes now infamous Black & White Balls (pictured above), when she was only 17-yrs-old. From this point Penelope's life & career began moving quickly-she began modeling & musing, hanging out with the likes of The Beatles & eventually landing the cover of British Vogue.
Penelope was arguably one of the top models of her time-in step with Twiggy & Jean Shrimpton-but her modeling career was cut short due to a case of "severe cystic acne" that developed when Tree was 21-years-old. The acne left her with facial scarring, & just like that, she was ousted from the modeling industry & the elite "Swinging London"scene (an infuriating story that you can read more about here).
Keeping a relatively low profile over the past several decades, the now 71-yr-old Penelope has distanced herself from her time spent in the spotlight . She has been quoting in various interviews saying that she largely rejects her former status as a “top model" or "the inventor of flower power style". When pressed, Penelope would rather be thought of within the context of her life's work as a writer & humanitarian, namely- her time spent with Lotus Outreach & the Khyentse Foundation. While Penelope Tree is clearly much, much more than a trend-setter with a pretty face, there is no denying that style & cool oozes from every inch. 

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