The Camaleonda Sofa

The original Camaleonda modular sofa was conceptualized in the early 1970s by famous Italian designer, Mario Bellini. The name Camaleonda, comes from a combination of the Italian word for chameleon “camaleonte”, & wave “onda”. Mario Bellini's designs were key contributors to the worldwide Italian design craze that swept the decade. A Vogue article describes the sofa as being “beautiful and bulbous, like a giant bunch of bubble wrap decided to drape itself in voluptuous velvet”, which sounds like a read, but is undeniably accurate.

The modular design of the sofa dictates no set layout, so the owner can shift each piece in nearly any direction to suite their taste & space. Check out these original 1970s advertisements-

Today, the sofas original manufacturer, B&B Italia, are selling new-fab Camaleonda’s that are made to be similar, but not exact, reproductions. However, vintage/design lovers can still find reupholstered & original full Camaleonda sofas on the resell market for a cool $20,0000-$40,000, or roughly $6,000 per module. If you have enough saved up in your piggy bank, here are a few places to start:

Four Section 1971 Original

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