FAQ About Selling Vintage

What classifies an item as vintage?

Any item that is 20 years or older is considered vintage. Do not mistake vintage with antiques (as many people do!), antiques are classified as 100 years or older. Vintage is also different from "thrifted" or "second-hand"- although they are not mutually exclusive.

How do you source your vintage goods?

By going to any & every thrift store as often as possible, scouring through all the weekend yard-sales, & frequenting local estate sales. It is really all about consistency- but identifying what your personal style is, seeing the potential in an item, & coming upon a little luck always helps.

Are all MilkMade items vintage?

I do my best to only source items that are identifiably vintage (i.e. circa 2001 or older) via their tags, brand names, appearance, or a quick online search. So while nearly all of what I find is from the 1990s or older, there might be a few items that are a couple years shy of "vintage" status. 

How do you not keep everything you find?!

Trust me-it can be hard sometimes! My house is full of vintage furniture, art, clothing & decorative pieces I cannot bare to part with. However, it brings me genuine joy to give these pieces a second (or third or fifth!) life with people who will appreciate them for years to come!